The Proven System

We Wash Windows has continually grown and improved. It takes effort on a company’s part to make positive changes and refinements. Identifying pinch points and dodging them or overcoming them, we’ve done that! Our track record shows this. In an economically chaotic time we’ve had positive growth year after year.

An Amazing Opportunity

The home service industry is booming. Increasingly, people don’t have time to maintain their homes like they did before. This has generated an exploding market for businesses like ours. We are ready to lead the charge and help create successful business owners, flying around putting smiles on peoples faces!

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We Wash Windows turns the simple act of window cleaning into a memorable experience. Our crews efficiently tackle jobs impressing even the fussiest grandma. The results are smiles and gratitude.


At the very roots of our business and model is integrity. We have built a concept driven by integrity and honest rewarding work. Through our systems and actions we show customers we’re with them for the long haul


No single serving customers. We started more than 20 years ago and we have customers that have been with us from the beginning. We’ve seen kids grow up, we’ve seen kids graduate college. Long term customer commitment turns a business into something more.


We are constantly booking 9-12 months in advance, we will send additional referral traffic top our franchise owners.


You can’t always see energy, but you know it’s there. We meet every day with an energy that pushes us down the road! The day flies by, often crews come back at the end of the day smiling and laughing. This energy comes from the rewards of a job well done.


Our work is satisfying! We make dirty windows clean. There’s a deep appreciation for the service work we do. There’s no more of a simple way to put it, we make people happy!


  • Low Overhead, Home Based Service Business

  • Approximate Investment - $35K-$65K

  • Franchise Fee - $10K

  • Royalties – 6%

  • Brand Fee – 1%

  • Training – 2 weeks with us, 2 weeks in the territory

  • Support – On going, together we grow and improve

  • Recession Resistant Business Model

  • Industry Leading Experience and Leadership

  • Very Low Investment Threshold

  • Turn-Key Mobile Concept

  • Committed Leadership Support

  • Excellent Brand Strength and Marketing


Purchasing a We Wash Windows franchise puts you on the front line with a well-seasoned team, ready to help you succeed. Over the last 20 years, we believe that we’ve navigated most— if not all— the pitfalls of operating and scaling up a mobile window cleaning service, and we are excited to embark on the next phase of our business. 

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