Our staff are trained, capable and will always act in a professional manner. Our teams will approach your job with precision and focus. They'll do it with a smile!

Cleaning Windows since 2001

In the beginning, We Wash Windows was a single man, part-time operation. Two years into the companies life my father in law purchased We Wash Windows as he wanted to “slow down” and ease into retirement. HA! Little did he know…His infamous approach to customer service weaved the fabric in which We Wash Windows could grow and bloom. Slow and steady roots began to grow, today those roots are still growing. We want to be a good company. Focusing on window cleaning in Calgary, Okotoks and window cleaning in the foothills we find our company busy and focused.

2014 and Beyond

As with every company, changes must occur and in 2013 Jason Primmer became the sole owner of We Wash Windows. Growing our company was a priority, but not before maintaining our customer service. It’s within the customers hands where everything is born. It’s on our shoulders to see things grow. We’re proud that within four years we have grown from one crew to three full-time crews. It’s been a lot of hard work, but it’s rewarding work. In late 2018 Lynden Brass became a shareholder in the company. The sum of a partnership should be greater than the individuals can achieve alone. We believe this and look forward to the coming years!

Now and into the future We Wash Windows will stay committed to doing what we do well. Professional window cleaning in Calgary and area.

The Original Boss

This is Randy Bryant. 17 Years ago he and Jason (son in law and now owner) and Bryan (Randy’s nephew) took We Wash Windows into your homes… In 2014 they decided to make a few changes and Jason has taken and run the business since. We are very proud to still call this a family run business (with admin help from Treena, Randy’s Daughter). We owe our work ethic, manners, attention to detail, safety procedure and so much more to Randy, we all look up to him and measure our work to his expectations. Thanks Dad!